Flexible Solar panels for Motorhomes, caravans and Boats

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Flexible solar panels are a great solution for Motorhomes Caravans and Boats, they offer easy installation, that gives a low profile on your roof. Our panels are very high quality and offer the best conversion of sunlight to energy conversion with their unique multi-layered technology. This keeps heat build-up to a minimum and therefore produce more energy for you to use in your battery. Flexible solar panels are an efficient and often cost effective way to generate clean renewable energy, they are made from flexible and lightweight materials which makes them easy to install even on curved surfaces and don't add to much weight making them good for vehicles, boats and caravans that don't want to add to much weight.

Can flexible solar panels get wet?

Flexible solar panels are waterproof like regular solar panels so moisture wont damage them. In fact water on on your flexible solar panels can actually help clean off some dirt and debris and perhaps restore some efficiency lost to dirt. 

flexible solar panels