Off-Grid Solar & Battery Systems

Elevate your off-grid living with our selection of Victron off-grid kits. These complete kits are designed by our team of experts to provide reliable and efficient energy for homes, cabins, businesses and other off-grid locations. The kits includes all the high-quality components that you'll need. Such as solar panels, batteries, inverters, and more. With a Victron off-grid kit, you can enjoy all the comforts of home, even in remote locations and at home you can decrease your reliance on the grid. Our Victron off-grid kits have everything you need to get started powering the smallest shed to the largest house or business. Browse our collection today.

Callidus engineers are fully trained by Victron. We have invested time and money in the quality training from Victron to ensure we provide you with the correct product for your needs.

All of our systems are built with the following 5 points in mind:

  • Quality of equipment and Installation
  • Your system is built to last the test of time by using this quality product.
  • We can fully trust the equipment that we are designing and installing.
  • Victron ensures all of its materials are built to the highest standards to ensure that they don't just meet a requirement; they exceed it.
  • Victron equipment has been in the field for 45 years in the harshest environment & conditions, meaning Callidus are proving the best products on the market.
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Off-Grid Solar Kit FAQS

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