Split Charging Relay

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A split charging relay is an electrical device that allows you to charge multiple batteries or from a single charging source. This type of relay is commonly used in cars, boats, motorhomes, campervans and other vehicles that have other battery systems. For example a converted campervan may have the campers main battery for the car and a secondary leisure battery such as one of our lithium leisure batteries for motorhomes. A split charging relay is designed to handle the charging process automatically so that each battery receives the correct amount of power to stop them overcharging or from discharging too much. Split charging relays can also be built to handle high current loads and be weather resistant. This can make them a reliable and durable choice for use in various different environments. 

Why do I need a split charge relay?

You may need a split charge relay if you have multiple battery systems or plan to have multiple batteries in your vehicle, boat, campervan or motorhome and you want to ensure that each battery is charged properly. You may need a split charge relay to prevent your batteries from being overcharged or discharged too quickly. 

Where should a split charge relay be placed?

A split charge relay is usually placed somewhere tucked away between the main battery and the second or extra battery. If possible have the split charge relay as close to both batteries as possible with a taught cable to help minimise voltage from dropping off and generally help improve the efficiency of the charging system. 

How long does a split charge relay take to charge a leisure battery?

The time it takes to charge a leisure battery off of a split charging relay is completely dependent on the capacity of your leisure battery and the current output of your alternator. If your alternator outputs 70A it will take at least an hour approximately to charge up a standard leisure battery.