Callidus are Distributors and wholesalers with a difference, we are looking to partner with electricians and electrical contractors across the UK to build a mutually beneficial relationship. We specialise in renewable Solar & battery Storage (ESS), Off Grid, Marine and Motorhome.

What we can offer

  1. We have a training centre where our partners can gain a better knowledge of the renewable equipment Callidus support. 
  2. We have a salesforce which is engaging with end users remotely and making sales across the UK, which we can pass that installation onto you for you to complete which you will be paid to complete the survey and the installation separately. Most of our installations are prebuilt at our factory before leaving to site, meaning all the hard work has been done, all you have to do is connect the board to AC and DC cables. Once you have connected it to the Internet one of our engineers can then check the system is working correctly remotely.
  3. We are a distributor of many brands within the renewable sphere, and we can offer you a great price on all renewable equipment.
  4. We have inhouse technical support team which you can engage with over the phone or by email

If you’re already in the renewables area, we are confident that we can improve your growth and probability into other areas within renewables by using our service


If you're interested in Callidus, supporting your business into its first journey into renewables or further expanding into other products then please contact