Reliable Power, Anywhere.

Bespoke Solar & Mains Off-Grid Power Systems

Our off-grid power systems are great for places where it's hard to get electricity from power lines, like in faraway spots or places without much infrastructure. These systems come ready to use, with solar panels and other parts set up by our experts. They include everything you need to store and use power from the sun. We can either provide the solar panels, or our system can work with ones you already have.

Ideal for:

Remote Locations

With limited access to reliable power our off-grid energy solutions are a reliable and sustainable way of providing power where other sources can't.

No Grid Access

Getting access to a power grid can be costly and in some cases impossible! Save instantly by bypassing the costs of getting a traditional power line.

All Our Boards Are Built In-House

All of our boards are built with the highest quality products by our in house team of Victron trained experts.

Simple Installation - Follow these easy steps:

Mount panels

Mount your panels. (Or use your existing PV)

Connect panels

Connect the panels to the pre-assembled board.

Connect batteries

Connect the batteries to the pre-assembled board.

You have power

You have a reliable, off-grid power supply from anywhere.

Use our kit builder ⚡🔧

Looking for something more bespoke?



We'd love to hear from you about your project and find an off-grid solution that is perfect for you.

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