Need the help of an official Victron energy stockists?

Shopping around for various solar power products isn’t always easy. As much we’d love to be able to pop down the shops and get what we need, the reality is that you need to find a specialist supplier who can get you all the products you need. In doing so, you can get your hands on genuine products that are not only eco-conscious, but are long-lasting and durable- helping you to commit to life off grid.

Here at Callidus we are here to make your life simple and easy when sourcing a range of solar power products, and in particular Victron products. Our website is home to various products which will help you save energy, money and invest in a greener future.

We understand the high demands of the solar industry so we work tirelessly to make sure we are always up to speed on the latest changes and developments, so we can deliver the best products to you.

We offer a full service that covers everything from design, supply, installation and commissioning, so why not take a look around our website to find out more?