Victron 175 watt Solar Panel, Smart MPPT, Orion DC DC Charger, Victron Phoenix Inverter, Cable & Mounting.KIT11C

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Select Your Solar Panel: 175 Watt Poly Solar Panel

175 Watt Poly Solar Panel
175 Watt Mono Solar Panel

Select Your Battery: Leisure (WET)

Leisure (WET)

Selet Your Inverter: 12/500va Victron Inverter

12/500va Victron Inverter
12/800va Victron Inverter

This Kit11C is a variation from our most popular, kit 11, which allows you to select either a 100Ah (c20) Hankook Leisure (Wet) battery or a 100Ah Super Cycle AGM Victron Battery.

Plus this Also comes with a (DC/DC) Battery to Battery Charger.

This Kit will also power 230volt AC equipment, which is ideal to provide real comfort whilst on your travels, you can select either an inverter from 500 to 1200va depending on your needs and budget

This comes with the full DC wiring kit shown in the images.

This solar panel kit would provide charge to your leisure battery via the solar charge controller ensuring your battery maintains its optimal performance extending your off-grid adventure providing more power. 

Did you know the average sun hours per day in the UK can range from just 1 hour in December to over 7 hours in June. On that basis we assume overall average of 4 hours per day your 175W Solar Panel could produce 700wh per day on average clearly more in summer than winter. 

If you require a solar panel kit to provide more solar energy to your motorhome camper please  follow this link

This is a powerful solar panel kit for motorhomes and is good for general needs. This solar kit is ideal for keeping your starter or Leisure battery charged. The panel measurements are 1485mm by 668 mm; however, you will need to see the image attached for sizing when installing these with corner mounts; however, this is 65mm from each corner.

The Victron Smart Solar MPPT charge controllers are great, especially in the case of a cloudy day, when the light changes continuously, an ultra-fast MPPT controller will improve energy harvest by up to 30% compared to the PWM charge controllers. MPPT controllers maximise the energy to achieve full charge in the shortest possible time and maintain battery health, extending its life. With the built-in Blue tooth technology, you can connect via Victron connect portal to monitor your system via your mobile phone.

Hankook Leisure Batteries are a suitable and reliable option for caravans, motorhomes, RV's, boats and other leisure applications. They benefit from X-Frame Grid Protection Technology which provides a longer cycle life and helps to improve performance. Hankook Batteries are completely maintenance free and also have deep cycle capability. They are very heavy duty and are very vibration resistant. 330mm L x 172mm W x 242mm H inc terminals.

This kit is relatively easy to install if you have basic DIY skills. We are always on hand to help if you need some guidance. There are a few handy videos for installation for you to watch if you need a few handy tips for installation.

These kits are fairly easy to install if you have basic DIY skills, however, we are always on hand to help if you need some guidance. also, Please also look at our Installation Videos

The link below is one of our customers who decided to do this video on how to install their solar kit on a caravan

Please feel free to call us on 01626 905454 where we will be able to offer you some assistance.

Whats in the Box

  • Victron Phoenix Inverter you can select size:
    • 12/500 including 80A MEGA fuse, 80A MIDI fuse, cable size 25mm2
    • 12/800 including 125A MEGA fuse, 100A MIDI fuse, cable size 35mm2
  • Victron Solar Panel 175W-12V Poly or Mono 1485x668x30mm Series 4a you can select either one of these
  • Victron Smart Solar MPPT 75/15
  • 6 Corner Roof fixings with Cable Gland 
  • CT1 High adhesive Bond for solar mounting fixing to the roof
  • 1 x pair of 5m solar extensions with MC4's
  • 2 x 1 metre of 6mm2 cable for Battery from MPPT (1 x red, 1 x black)
  • 4 x 1 metre of Battery cable from inverter Busbar and from Busbar to the battery (red and black) (cable size dependent on inverter size)
  • Busbar 150A 4P +cover for common negative busbar
  • Midi fuse holder with 60A midi fuse
  • ENG MEGA MIDI Fuse holder and with 30A and 60A MIDI fuses (+ inverter fuses)
  • Victron Smart 12 Volt to 12 Volt Battery to Battery Charger to work with smart alternators and /or euro 6 engines.
  • Battery isolator switch
  • 2 metres of red 16mm Dc cable 
  • 2 metres of black 16mm Dc cable
  • An assortment of pin connectors and lugs
  • -Select one of the following Batteries
  • 1.Hankook 100 Ah (c20) Leisure (Wet) Battery that  is fine for weekends away
  • 2.Victron 100 ah Super Cycle AGM Battery is ideal for weekends and long periods off-grid.
  • Instructions
  • Drawing


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