Isolation Tr. 7000W 230V

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Isolation Transformers
Indispensable in professional marine energy systems. It prevents electrolytic corrosion and above all serves as a device to guarantee a safe electric system. Toroidal wound technology for quietness and high efficiency. Soft start circuitry will ensure that the shore circuit breaker will not trip when plugged in.

Introducing the Victron Energy Isolation Transformer 7000W - 230V: Safety and Galvanic Corrosion Prevention for Your Boat

Ensure the utmost safety and protect your boat from galvanic corrosion with the Victron Energy Isolation Transformer 7000W - 230V. This powerful and reliable isolation transformer is designed to eliminate any electrical continuity between AC shore power and your boat, creating a safe and secure electrical environment for your marine adventures.

The Threat of Galvanic Corrosion: Galvanic corrosion is a serious concern for all boat owners, not just those with metal and aluminum hulls. Whenever metallic parts, such as the shaft and propeller, come into contact with water, the potential for galvanic corrosion arises. Seawater and fresh water serve as electrically conducting fluids that can lead to the corrosion of more active alloys, jeopardizing your boat's vital components. Sacrificial anodes are dissolved, shafts and propellers are attacked, and other metal parts in contact with water are at risk as soon as your boat is connected to the shore-side supply.

Safety First with Isolation: By installing the Victron Energy Isolation Transformer, you'll cut off any electrical continuity between shore power and your boat. This ensures that your boat remains isolated from the shore ground, safeguarding against galvanic corrosion. The shore power is fed to the primary side of the transformer, while the boat is connected to the secondary side, completely isolating the two systems. By connecting all metal parts to the neutral output on the secondary side, you enable the operation of Ground Fault Current Interrupters (GFCIs) and fuses in case of a short circuit, preventing unsafe situations.

Soft Start Feature: The Victron Energy Isolation Transformer comes equipped with a soft start feature, which prevents the shore power fuse from blowing due to the inrush current of the transformer. This smart addition ensures a smooth power-up without causing unnecessary disruptions due to transient currents.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input: 230 V
  • Output: 230 V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Rating: 32 A
  • Transformer type: Toroidal (low noise, low weight)
  • Soft start
  • Input circuit breaker
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 36.2 x 25.8 x 21.8 cm
  • Weight: 28 kg

Experience the Difference: With the Victron Energy Isolation Transformer 7000W - 230V, you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing your boat is protected against galvanic corrosion, and your electrical system meets the highest safety standards. Say goodbye to concerns about dissolving sacrificial anodes and corroded propellers – this isolation transformer has got you covered.

Make the smart choice for your boat's safety and longevity. Invest in the Victron Energy Isolation Transformer 7000W - 230V today and embark on your marine journeys with confidence. Don't let galvanic corrosion hold you back; sail with peace of mind!

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