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Victron 320 watt panel, 1 kW inverter & 190 Ah of batteries. Kit 29

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This kit is designed to offer power for motorhomes stables and outbuildings etc,  that need up to 1kw of AC power for things like lights, kettles, battery tool chargers etc. This kit is for light use and not to be used for hours on end, if you require additional storage power, you will need to swap the batteries for AGM which is kit 30.


If you need help just give us a call 016260905454

 The kit is made up of the following 

1 Victron 12/1200 VA which offer 1 kW of 230v ac inverted power comes with dc cable battery cable

2 100/30 smart MPPT with Bluetooth connectively 

3 2 x 95ah leisure battery 

4 320 watts Qcells high quality German solar panel 

5 Midi fuse holder and fuse 

6 Solar fuse holder 

7 Roof mount solar mounting and clamps of traditional pitched roofs or 6 corners motorhome mounting system