Victron Lynx Distributor, Lynx Shunt & Lynx Power In Saver Bundle

Save by bundling these 3 Lynx products together. Lynx Distributor, Lynx Shunt & Lynx Power in.
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Product Details

The Lynx distribution bundle is a system of modular DC busbars used to connect batteries, DC equipment and provide fusing and battery monitoring to your electrical system. It consists of the following modules:

  • Victron Energy Lynx Distributor (LYN060102000)
  • Victron Energy Lynx Shunt (LYN040102100)
  • Victron Energy Lynx Power In (LYN020102000)

The Victron Lynx Distribution Bundle is a sophisticated system designed to enhance the organization, connectivity, and monitoring of your DC electrical setup. This bundle includes the Lynx Distributor, Lynx Shunt VE.CAN, and Lynx Power In modules, each contributing unique functionalities to streamline and safeguard your power distribution and battery management.

Key Components:

  1. Victron Energy Lynx Distributor – LYN060102000

    • Positive and Negative Busbar: Contains a robust busbar system for both positive and negative connections.
    • 4 Individual Circuits: Provides connections for four separate DC equipment circuits, loads, or DC groups.
    • Fuse Space: Each DC group has a dedicated space for individual MEGA fuses, ensuring protection and safety for each circuit.
  2. Victron Lynx Shunt VE.CAN – LYN040102100

    • Intelligent Shunt: A 1000A shunt that connects between the Lynx Power In and Lynx Distributor for comprehensive battery monitoring.
    • Busbar Connectivity: Includes a 1000A DC busbar for both negative and positive connections with M8 bolts for secure attachment.
    • VE.CAN Port: Allows integration with Victron's Colour Control GX or Cerbo GX for precise monitoring of battery performance and state of charge through the VictronConnect App.
  3. Victron Energy Lynx Power In – LYN020102000

    • Battery Connection Module: Designed to connect batteries via an external fuse.
    • Busbar System: Features both a positive and negative DC busbar with M8 bolts for secure connections.
    • Cable Management: Accommodates cables up to 22 mm in diameter through bottom entry guides, with no size limit for the two side connections.

Features and Benefits:

  • Modular System: The Lynx distribution bundle is a modular and expandable system that allows you to build a tailored DC busbar setup, enhancing flexibility and scalability.
  • Enhanced Safety: Each module is designed to integrate seamlessly with MEGA fuses, providing crucial overcurrent protection for your electrical circuits. Note that specific fuses rated for 58/64V are necessary for 48V systems.
  • Battery Monitoring: The Lynx Shunt VE.CAN enables precise monitoring of battery health and performance. By connecting to a GX device, users can access real-time data on the VictronConnect App, ensuring optimal battery management.
  • Professional Integration: Ideal for professional applications in both marine and automotive settings, the Lynx distribution system provides a clean, organized, and efficient solution for complex DC electrical setups.
  • Ease of Use: The system is designed for easy installation and integration, with clear pathways for cable management and straightforward connections between components.

Additional Information:

  • VRM Portal Access: When connected to a GX device with internet capability, the Lynx system can provide remote monitoring and control through the Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal.
  • Scalability: The modular design of the Lynx system means it can grow with your needs, adding more distributors, shunts, and power in modules as required.
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